Friday, March 30, 2012

riding the pine

i've been pining over this bathroom vanity for a while now...isn't it gorgeous?!

i've searched high and low for an affordable piece, to no avail.  until today.  i found this:

the doors are a little off and  i think they can just be sanded down a bit, but i have a cabinet maker for a brother in law, so i'm hoping he can help me out with new doors if need be, but it has -great- bones, don't you think? and fabulous hardware! oooooooh, i'm so excited to start working on this!

i had a little time to kill on my way home today (yeah, friday!) so i stopped at a place that's been in my town for a long time and i've never visited.  so glad i did, it's a house full of treasures, junk and well, more junk. it's the kind of place where you could visit a thousand times and still find something you didn't see the first time.  nothing's really organized, but that makes it more fun.  this beauty caught my eye peeking out of an outdoor storage shed as i was entering the property.  she had it marked $190 but i talked her into $100 pretty easily (so it's probably worth what, $30?) 

the back was falling off, but that doesn't matter because we'd have to cut it anyway for plumbing accessibility, but otherwise it's a very sturdy, solid piece with dovetail drawers.

it wasn't a steal, but it's just what i was looking for, more or less.  i won't be able to work the baskets underneath as in the inspiration piece above, but i'm not entirely concerned with that.  
i'm curious as to what you furniture painters usually pay for a piece, i've seen a myriad of hutches and a plethora of dressers redone, what's have you been paying for these pieces, un-done?

now this, this was a steal.  $10 and the guy at the thrift store threw in an old bottle i wanted.  that little circle in the middle of the chair slat needs a graphic, don'tcha think?


and it has this super secret hiding place, wink wink, nudge nudge.
i think i'll keep all the money i win from tonight's mega millions jackpot there when i get it :D

my youngest's softball season just started here this week; we have a double header scrimmage tomorrow, another scrimmage on monday and games start on wednesday.  i'll be slacking on posting a bit,  in case any of you 13 followers miss me.  nothing beats watching my daughter play softball, and unlike the blog title, she won't be riding any pine.

should i get a guest blogger? heh.


  1. so you are shunning us for softball??? Nice chest for your vanity. I'm a little jealous that you have a bathroom big enough for that....

  2. Gorgeous piece you found!! I'm curious as to what furniture people pay to redo them and make them pretty too. I know it has a name.... Upcycling!! Furniture Upcycling!:) I really want to get into doing it, but I don't have tons of money to buy anything with. I've heard some bloggers say they find things on the side of the road! Wish I could be so lucky!

    If you really want a guest blogger I could totally help out!:) Let me know:

  3. Girl, what a great piece! I'm jealous! Do you know what you could get for that all finished and with a scrap piece of carrara marble on top??? With a cut-out for a nice sink and a shiny faucet? ooohhhh, I'm thinking a wall mount faucet. E-mail me at and I will send you a pic of a bathroom Hub and I did at a flip house.
    Anyway, I think you scored. Maybe a tad overpriced if you were going to paint it and then resell it. But since you are keeping it for your bath, it's fine. Can't wait to see it all done!! And I would love to walk through this "treasure trove" place! Too bad you're 3000 miles away. LOL

  4. Love this piece. I have to agree with Beth, if you were selling it (not that I sell lots of furniture) the price might make it difficult to make a profit but for something you love it is a steal. Of course being a California girl I am used to high prices but I would have paid $100 for it.

  5. Wow! What a great find! From what I've read, those who buy to paint and sell usually pay about half of what you paid. But then they're out searching and also buying in bulk for their businesses. For your purpose, I think it was a steal; looks like all wood also. Love it if you'd link your find to my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party.



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