center of attention sunday

if i keep partying on saturday nights, i'm going to have to change the cad sunday to another day, because vodka hangovers are not conducive to writing.  by the way, three olives grape vodka and seltzer goes down very smoothly.

the party doubled this week and though i'm sure you're not all getting a lot of traffic from my little ole site,i personally love seeing your talents, so thanks for sharing.

jazmine at keep it krafty turned a $20 garage sale score into a fabulous center of attention stealing coffee table!  this is one resourceful young lady!  
see her how to here.

now my sister from another mister,meg over at nutmeg place had the second highest clicks and i'm not sure, but i think they might be all from me, cause i so love this sign.  i'm coveting it. i think she could easily repaint it to say 'center of attention deficit disorder' don't you?

 <-------the code is up over there on the left
thank you all for linking up to my center of attention sunday party.  it's so great to be surrounded by such talented women; i'm in awe of your talents.

i cannot pick my favorites, because they're all wonderful. so this week everyone get's a feature.  (hello mcvick, switzerland, line one).

in order of in linkz views:

we have somewhat quirky's! fabulous sunshine suitcase tutorial.  i love the way the poppies just, well, pop! this makes me smile when i look at it!

and beth at make me pretty's! turquoise beauty.  i especially like the detail in the corners, such a pretty piece! check out her blog for great furniture re-do's.

carolyn shared her buffet re-do, a gorgeous piece! she's got some great signage going on over at my my simple messterpiece too!

here's vanessa at home sweet butterly!, and her picture perfect, a super vintage looking frame with one of my favorite things, utensils!

crafty meggy shamed us 'last minute lizzies' with her christ tree quilt piece. i am in awe of people who are prepared for the holiday season before the tanning oil and beach chairs come out! :D

last, but certainly not least, liz over at sixth street sunshine showed us her easy easter mantle. i'm totally digging the forsythia, such a quintessential spring item! check out her blog to see her kitchen and super cute decorating!

are you ready to be the center of attention next sunday? post your stuff, show it off, and be sure to visit the other blogs; that's what it's all about, right? and if you wanna grab my button (anywhere else but blogland, that'd sound dirty) feel free!
 <-------the code is over there on the left

so yesterday i put up a linky thing and no one linked. am i doing something wrong? is there some sort of secret handshake i need to give at the door to get in on this linking stuff? ;) i'm gonna try it again today, doesn't anyone wanna share their stuff? and feel free to grab my button

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