Thursday, March 15, 2012

a little indoor spring...

i have a black thumb.  seriously.  we have one living plant in our home and it's a ficus tree which the mister waters (with black coffee).  he hasn't killed it in 15 years, i guess the coffee's ok?

me? i'm great with silks and dried stuff.  ;)  if i could have every single ballard designs topiary i would, alas, i'm cheap..err, fiscally responsible?

i made two of these for my bedroom last night.  i got the pots at tj maxx for $4.99, a 10" styrofoam ball at joan's for $4.99 and a bag of sheet moss there as well for $3.99.  i spread a little panel glue (leftover from our new ceiling project) and wa-la!

but now really, when did styrofoam get so expensive?

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  1. What a great idea! I have a kind of black thumb too!

    1. thanks jaime! i love your blog, it was one of the first i started following.



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