Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the snowflakes are still up there

hey, the ladder's pretty heavy. plus, you know, it's going to snow this weekend. a real new england spring always has a chance of snow. maybe i'll get 'em down over the weekend. 

the only thing i purchased for this mantel were the $4 tj maxx eggs, everything else  stole from other parts of the house or the china cabinet. i found the birdhouse in the basement, gave it one coat of white paint and done.

the eastern exposure at the front of the house send the sun in like a laser beam in the morning, so i got all up close and personal in the other photos.  


  1. you should be glad I don't live close to you - i might have to break in ans steal that window over your mantel. I like the cloche with the wine glass base too - pretty smart chickie..

  2. This is so beautiful! I love to see some good inspiration for decorating a home! and I agree with Karen...I total want that window! :)



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