Saturday, March 17, 2012

what is it about the 'best laid plans'?

i had every intention of getting to the lumber yard today to pick up the nose cove molding they ordered for me to trim the inside of the ceiling trim and my husband was even in a good enough mood to install it.  we get to the lumber yard at just past noon and they're -closed-.  i kicked myself all the way home for being lazy this morning; i should have been up and out at the crack of dawn, which is, in mcvick-speak 10am.

so, instead we decide that we're going to cut the wall and build in the dresser like we've been discussing.  ok i've been saying 'i want to build the dresser in' and the mister just nods his head and hopes i'll forget that's what i want to do.  he shocked me by saying 'hey, let's build that dresser in, instead, today!" (here come the sexual favors)

way-el, it goes like this.  i've measured the dresser and the walls three times.  33 1/2 inches width for the dresser and 40'' for the wall.  yup, it's gonna fit perfectly.  except, i didn't count on those little things called wall studs.  ok well, i did, but i counted on the ones we could remove and frame out above.  not the corners.  thirty two inches to work with.  a freakin' inch and a half!  so the dresser's going in the walk in closet, once i get rid of two teak entertainment centers that should never have been moved in there in the first place.  do you feel me?

the day was not a total waste, on my way to the grocery store i spied a tag sale and convinced the other half to stop.  he's seriously calling in those sexual favors, cause without even a blink of an eye he turned around and pulled up to the house.  even got out of the truck.  (cue the, 'i thought i told you to stay in the truck" line)

i totally scored some junk!

i think i'll start with a blank slate ;)

a few really ugly canvas tulips and a couple iron candle wall sconces and a cheap wire basket

and a wooden tray, which i've been looking for to recycle for a birthday gift

so i walked away from that tag sale, dropping a whopping $5, when out of my peripheral vision i spied this beauty

it's solid oak, has great bones and i can't freaking wait to chalk paint it! and it was a steal, another $5

i've already dismantled the fabric basket from the bottom drawer (can anyone tell me what that's for, other than being a complete eyesore?)

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