Wednesday, March 21, 2012


a midweek surprise; we got all the trim up for the inside of the ceiling panels, all that's left to do is fill in a few nail holes and paint and the ceiling will be complete! i'm completely in love with it. i'm also completely in love with the ceiling fan, complete with blades, whirling quietly. who'd a thunk you'd need a fan at this time of year, but whoa, it's a boiler up here tonight. must be all that sweat equity we put in earlier.

 i love the lumber yard and the hardware store as much as i love j. crew and the bakery. if i knew how to read a measuring tape beyond 84 and 3 of those short bars past half, i could totally be a carpenter. with lots of putty. and paint. and cupcakes.

that tray i've been working on? two coats of paint and i re-sanded it back down to bare wood this afternoon. i just wasn't happy with it. there were a few 'holidays' shining through where i didn't get all the shellac off and i figured it was just best to start fresh.

meanwhile, i tried printing directly on burlap. insert the family feud buzzer sound here. kept jamming the printer. so i went to plan b; printing on a iron on transfer. meh. didn't love those results either. presently i mod podged the burlap with the transfer to a piece of beadboard, we'll see in the morning if i like those results. i've gotta have it done by saturday. last minute lizzie strikes again.

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  1. How great that you finished that huge project! Sit back and enjoy!

    Thank you for throwing your name in the hat for the paint sprayer giveaway. The Command Max (HomeRight) people gave me the wrong FB Link...Geeze! You are still entered in the drawing though, my apologies!

    Good Luck!



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