Monday, March 26, 2012

pulling together some stuff for a spring mantel

so i was at tj maxx today and found the cutest speckled eggs for $4 which, in combination with the collective spring mantel decor found here in diy blogland, prompted me to clean up the christmas stuff.  i'm kidding, i took that all down last week, i mean, in january!  those snowflakes are still up there though, and it's been busy around the mcvick household.  fine, i'll get the ladder tomorrow and take 'em down.


ok.  i'm working toward spring here...

  little by little...


  1. Tagged you in a game of blog tag


  2. What a fun spring mantel - hey, at least the Christmas stuff came down (instead of in April)!! I love cloches and those eggs look adorable nestled under it.

    Have you considered adding Linky followers - I don't do GFC anymore because I'm on Wordpress. Will follow via RSS.

  3. I love the sweet eggs in cloches. So springy!



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