Thursday, March 22, 2012

what the?!?

i just read a blog where someone was selling poster sized pieces of a hoity toity wrapping paper from denmark. understand, the paper was gorgeous and this post is in no way intended as a dig against that blogger. she had mentioned she was selling it in poster size for those who didn't want to buy an entire roll. and i thought to myself, who wouldn't just buy a roll of wrapping paper. until i googled it. $78 for a roll of wrapping paper. $78.00!
oh sure, there was 65 feet of paper, a are you effing nuts generous amount, surely. i don't like anyone enough to spend $78 to wrap their gift. really.


  1. I saw that too! my wrapping consists of a dollar store bag and some tissue then done. love your posts!

  2. WOW $78 is CRAZY! Thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing my cake in a mug. It is great 'cause you only need to add water. I also had a couple of posts on making your own chai mix and cappuccino and my kids like this as well in their care packages. You have a great blog here and I'm now following you on GFC so I can get to know you better and we can share the joys of having kids in college! Also, I just wanted to let you know that your comment came up on my e-mail as a no reply blogger so if you have not been receiving responses to your beautiful comments, that is why. If you do not know how to fix that, I have a post on that as well. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


  3. lol you are so funny...Im your newest follower ..thx alot for your nice comment...and if the wrapping paper is $78 how much the gift should be lol



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