Sunday, April 8, 2012

truffle fries and a tongue in groove porch ceiling

a natural combination like chocolate and peanutbutter, milk and cookies, ying and yang, right?

of course not, but that's what's on my mind this easter morning. it's quarter to ten and the kids are still in bed, no rush to rip in and devour the easter baskets anymore. *insert sigh* i miss the excitement. cherish your babies ladies, oh how the time flies.

i got my easter basket last night:.
rough cut french fries tossed in thyme, salt and truffle oil.

there is something so perfect about the combination of salt and truffle oil. it's earthy and addictive and your tongue just begs for more. i swear i'm going to put my misto sprayer full of truffle oil in my purse so that the next time i'm at five guys i can just douse their fries and be sated without the hour wait to get into the place i had these last night.

oh yes, and part two. the mister is gathering his eggstoolbelt as i type and we are going to ruin the peace and quiet of easter sunday morning with sawing, hammering, nailing and probably the occasional 'jesus christ!' when something goes awry (i promise to add, 'died on the cross for our sins' when this exclamation occurs)! this porch ceiling has been hideous for too long, that ends today.

if all goes as planned i'll have the 'after' pics by christmas.


  1. I LOVE truffled french fries, that's what we call em'. There's this BEAUTIFUL restaurant that we love to eat at that makes em (even presents them the way yours came) and I gotta tell ya, they're OUT OF THIS WORLD YUMMY!. Definitely a diet buster. Love the tongue and groove ceiling : )
    Happy Easter ~

  2. That porch ceiling looks like quite a job! I can't wait for Christmas to see what you've done.



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