Sunday, April 22, 2012

center of attention sunday! sunday! sunday!

sorry this is so late, today totally got away from me!  i was up at 6am painting my terra cotta pots and planting before the monsoon hit.  check out my blog post to see what i made today, i'm pretty pumped about it.

jazmine at keep it krafty's been keeping it busy since she moved into her new place, her bathroom reveal showed us all that with just a little creativity you can completely change the look of a small bathroom by replacing old dingy shower doors with a new curtain. instant gratification at its finest!  great job jazmine!

if i had a 'you did what?!' award it would definitely go to karen at somewhat quirky this week, as she rounded third base and slid home into her daughter's gorgeous bed frame narrowly escaping the tag and scoring a home run! seriously, this head board was is, and will once again be drop dead gorgeous.  i wish i were karen's daughter.  (i'm glad i'm not her ass right now!)

kim at reposhture has the most adorable daughter, tessa.  i want to bite her face she's so cute! (not in a mean way) i couldn't decide which was cuter, the cake or the child.  twist my arm, the cake's great, but the kid's a winner!  happy birthday tessa, your mom makes a rockin' rapunzel cake!

and finally, from the long list of submissions *pregnant pause followed by a rimshot -ba dum dum-* stacy at handmade by stacy vaughn shared these wicked amazing jumbo scrabble tiles.  i am coveting these cause i think they're super cool.  i'd love to make a giant scrabble board on the patio and use these with it.  i'll need the patio first...(minor detail).

ps? if she'd make an 'i' and stick it in there, she could make my name.  hint hint.  ;)

thanks everyone for linking up, the party's always small, but i love looking at your stuff no matter what.
i'm going to hold off on the link up this week because i won't be around much this weekend.  look for center of attention sunday! sunday! sunday! next week.  same bat time, same bat channel.


  1. Thank you so much!! I always look forward to your comments :)


  2. You'll be jealous, I get to bite both sets of cheeks (hee, hee) on a regular basis! Thanks so much for the feature ( the cake and my T)!

  3. Thanks for the feature, and the play by play...

  4. Monsoon?? In CT?? Nevermind,,,,I'm not coming to visit you.....Anyway, Thought I would pop over to inform you that I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award. Hop over to my site to get the green button and the rules. I kind of had to wing it cuz Rachel didn't leave me any instructions! lol. Have Fun!



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