Monday, April 16, 2012

more randomness

so hey, help a girl out, on that advertiser's link over there on the left. it doesn't hurt, really. you can close it right away. two clicks, one in and one out and you've helped a girl out. it's easy and i've made a pledge to click at least one advertiser's link on each blogger's page i visit, won't you too?

 2000 page views. i'm the sh*t. stop laughing. i get a little giddy when i see that my blog's been viewed 2000 times in a month. that's a pretty big deal to me and my center of attention deficit disorder. so thanks for looking at me!

as a fluke i put the thrift store cookie jar on craigslist for $25. someone wants it! holy crap. so either i'm going to get raped and pillaged when they meet me or they're really gonna give me $25 for something i got for $4 and took literally six minutes to make. (don't worry about the rape and pillage, i'm having them come to where i work, it's a very public place).

what else, what else? the kid's hitting .541 right now in 6 games and has a slugging percentage of 1.125 and her high school team has won their last six games straight. god i love living vicariously through my daughter! why yes, i WILL have another piece of cake!

 it's really hard to be creative without a printer. i had the other half lug home the big color laser from the office this weekend, but it's rough schlepping that back and forth. i really don't want to invest in a printer right now, i have a prom, a limo bus, a gown, a hairdo, shoes, accessories, college tuition deposit and a boatload of other senior year expenses to deal with. not to mention estimated quarterly taxes and college tuition coming up. oh and i really, really, really want a silhouette cameo. so i'll keep lugging the laser back and forth for a while.

does anyone remember the aol commercial years ago about spam protection..with the middle aged woman wearing a leopard print catsuit, knocking at the guy's door saying 'hey, wanna read my blog?' sometimes i feel like that woman....sans the catsuit.

i now return you to your previously viewed program without any further interruption. thanks for reading.


  1. LOL.

    2000, congrats! Proud to be among them!


  2. Wow, just the other day I was thinking...she kind of reminds me of that chick in the SPAM commercial....



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