Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'tis the season!

softball season, that is. and while i've made a semi-conscious decision to keep this blog free of personal stories, i can't help but gush with a little ok, boatload of pride this morning. my youngest daughter was just named one of the top 25 high school softball players to watch in the state. it's nice to see that her years of hard work and dedication have been recognized. this morning i am one proud mom!

 when my kids were little i found time to decorate the house, keep it clean, work and do some diy stuff and crafting. as they grew older and started playing sports the craft part diminished, then the diy. my youngest started playing travel softball when she was 9. so every weekend from april through august we'd leave the house friday, travel to a hotel and spend the next two days on the field and then spend an entire week at nationals in july. between that were 2 hour practices, twice a week, 30 miles from home, all year long. that's when the house decorating and cleaning fell to the wayside!

i did, however, learn to master the art of the jello shot, pudding shot and on-the-fly, party-in-the-hotel-lobby-with-12otherparents gourmet catering during that time. you'd be amazed at what you can concoct in a parking lot in the front seat of a chrysler pacifica with a blender hooked to the car battery!

(yeah, we do it right!)

while softball has taken up a huge chunk of our lives, time and finances, i wouldn't trade the experience for anything.  we've made wonderful friendships and realized the joys of seeing our daughter grow into a strong, determined, confident young woman who is headed to play division ii softball in college in the fall.

get your kids involved in sports, especially your daughters.  i'm a huge advocate of girls in sports; it keeps them focused, helps them learn to prioritize their time and builds great character.  also keeps them away from aimlessly hanging out at the mall ;)

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  1. my mouth started watering for jello shots as soon as I saw that picture! Congrats to your daughter!



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