Sunday, June 10, 2012

a follow up to cupcakes


salted caramel chocolate mini cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and chocolate dipped pretzel goldfish
how can you not like theses? they're salty and sweet at the same time, like eating m&m's and potato chips; my favorite flavor combo.

i fashioned a cupcake stand from four cardboard cake circles, some wrapping paper, cardstock cut in a wave border from my cameo, and soup cans covered with wrapping paper.  it took a little beating when someone was TRYING to help me, ahem.  

since the first time i made salted caramel chocolate cupcakes, i've learned a valuable lesson.  people are always expecting SWEET from a chocolate cupcake and sometimes the surprise of the salt isn't a good thing.  i labeled them for this party, so there were no surprises.  and no half eaten cupcakes because they didn't like what was in 'em.

a little close up of the wave cupcake wrappers from my cameo.  i had originally purchased a beautiful light blue velum paper to use, but i couldn't get the cameo to cut it! good thing i have tons of paper and cardstock laying around, because last minute lizzie waited til yesterday morning to make the stand and wrappers! lol

  the graduate's cake which set the theme for the cupcakes.  i'm happy to say the future marine biologist was THRILLED with my cupcakes.


  1. Nice job - looks totally yummy. So what did you do for your daughters graduation? Glad you're back!

  2. These are perfectly fabulous!! And that is without tasting them! :)

  3. Please come back from the dead!!!! I'm having a party and I want you come! Bring some jello shots!

  4. These Look GREAT!!! I love the salty and sweet combo!!



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